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Music Preparation / Copyist

I offer the highest quality of music preparation services to clients around the world on their projects, and always meet their deadlines. I carefully note their preferences and requirements, so the final product will be exactly what they're expecting, or better.

All the scores and parts which I prepare for my clients are always easy to read, beautifully laid out and most importantly, completely accurate.

Intelligent page turns and useful cues are added to parts, to make the music intuitive and easy to play.

I'm very experienced using Sibelius, Dorico and Cubase.

Services Available

  • Score and part typesetting / copying / engraving

  • Preparation for iPad / tablet viewing as well as for printed parts

  • Digital copying / electronic reproduction of hand-written scores

  • Conversion from DAW / MIDI / Logic / Cubase file to accurately notated score

  • Piano reduction/vocal score creation

  • MD score creation (vocals, added cues and piano/MD music all on one part)

  • Transposing music to a different key

  • Proofreading scores and parts

  • Music printing - A4 and A3 paper sizes, 120gsm weight

  • Comb / tape / staple / booklet binding services

  • Transcription from audio

  • Arranging and orchestration

Copyist Credits

  • Rumi (London Coliseum)

  • What's New Pussycat (Birmingham Rep)

  • NHS: The Musical (Theatre Royal, Plymouth)

  • The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 ¾ (West End - Ambassadors Theatre)

  • Fiddler On The Roof (West End - Playhouse Theatre)

  • Fiddler On The Roof (Menier Chocolate Factory, London)

  • In The Willows (UK Tour)

  • Flowers for Mrs Harris (Chichester Festival Theatre, Chichester)

  • LMTO's King (Hackney Empire, London)

  • LMTO's Girlfriends (Bishopsgate Institute, London)

  • LGMC's Tinseltown (Troxy, London)

  • LGMC's Oom Pa Pa (Clapham Grand, London)

  • LGMC's Hitsville (Troxy, London)

  • Concerto for Comedian and Orchestra, Vikki Stone

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He consistently produces high quality, beautifully typeset charts and has yet to even come close to missing a deadline.

Simon N. - Professional Orchestrator

Preparation Examples

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Music Preparation
Transcription Service

Transcription from Audio

Using a well-trained ear and modern technology in tandem, I provide a service to transcribe your music from any audio source (such as a .wav, .mp3, CD or YouTube video) into beautiful music notation which is easy to read and completely accurate to the original audio.

I have a lot of experience transcribing single and multiple lines of music in all styles, from classical to jazz and pop.

I can transcribe a single instrument line from the audio or all the instrument lines for you, as well as chords and lyrics if needed.

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This song got me really into loving my trombone in High School; This transcription [Body and Soul by Bill Watrous] alone was huge inspiration for the career I have today. It cannot be overstated how much of an impact this video has had on me. Thanks a bunch, Matt

YouTube commenter

Transcription Examples

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