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Remote Recording Studio

Do you need brass or bass tracks adding to your song?

Hire Matt for:

  • High quality tracks

  • Fast turnaround within a week

  • Low cost compared to hiring a studio

All recordings are made at Matt's home studio, which keeps the cost down for you, but keeps the quality at the highest level.

Instruments Matt can record for you:

  • Trombone - Lead / alto / tenor / bass

  • Bass Guitar

  • Trumpet

  • Euphonium

Services available:

  • High quality audio recording

  • Optional extra - green screen video recording, so you can add the brass to your music video

  • If you have the the sheet music ready to go, Matt can record the tracks in under a week for you

  • If you don't have the sheet music but just an idea for your brass backing, then Matt can help you turn that idea into reality

Contact Matt using the button below for more information or to get a quote:

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