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Online Teaching Studio

The lessons that I offer through my Online Teaching Studio are:

Complete beginner to advanced:

  • Trombone

  • Trumpet

  • Euphonium

  • Bass Trombone

  • All other brass

Complete beginner to Grade 8:

  • Music Theory (including Grade 5 Theory)

Music notation software lessons:

  • Sibelius

  • Dorico

Please read the Teacher page for more information about these subjects.

Please read below for the software and equipment you'll need for online lessons.

How To Set Up Zoom

My online teaching studio is run through a programme called Zoom. This software is completely free for you and does not require you to make an account. It's very simple to set up:


  1. Go to

  2. Type in the Meeting ID that I will provide you with before the lesson.

  3. If this is your first lesson then you will be prompted to download Zoom, which should only take a couple of seconds.
    If Zoom is already downloaded, then you will be prompted to open the Zoom application.

  4. You will then be placed in a waiting room until I admit you to start the lesson.

For brass lessons, it would be very useful if you could send me pictures of the music that you'd like to work on before the lesson starts.

Alternatively you may prefer to use Skype instead of Zoom. This is fine, just let me know.

For brass lessons, please see the picture below for how to position yourself in the camera frame, so I can see your trombone slide or trumpet/euphonium valves. As brass instruments are loud, it’s best to face to the side of your device while playing so the microphone doesn’t distort (as in the picture below), and face towards your device when speaking so I can hear you clearly.

Remote Lessons Webcam.png

Equipment You'll Need

A computer/laptop or tablet with Zoom installed should be all you’ll need for online lessons.


If the device has a “do not disturb” feature, please turn this on during lessons to avoid distractions.

If you have a microphone that you can plug in to your device to increase sound quality, that would be great, but not essential. I will be using a microphone plugged into my laptop, so you should have good sound quality from me.


If you’d like to get a microphone to use, you can get a cheap but decent quality one here: Microphone. Again, this is not essential, and the built-in microphone on your device should be fine.

Do let me know if you need any help setting up the software or equipment for online lessons.

Child Safeguarding

  • For students under the age of 18, a parent/guardian should be in the same house during lessons.

  • Parents/guardians are of course welcome to be in the room during any lesson (online and home visit).

  • Students should be in a communal space in your house during online lessons. - i.e. living room not bedroom

  • Students should be appropriately dressed during online lessons. - i.e. what you would wear for a home visit lesson, not PJs

  • Online lessons are not recorded.

Prices and Payment

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