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Matt is a freelance musician based in London, and is a 2017 graduate of the Royal College of Music, London.


Versatility is very important for any working musician.

Matt owns several instruments and plays them all to a high standard to allow him to be a versatile performer.


He can be booked to play:

  • Tenor Trombone

  • Bass Trombone

  • Alto Trombone

  • Euphonium


For any music event:

  • Musical theatre bands

  • Function bands

  • Recording sessions

  • TV/Film appearances

  • Chamber ensembles

  • Orchestras of any standard

  • Jazz bands of any size

  • Brass bands

  • Wind bands

  • Anything else requiring any of the above instruments


If you wish to book Matt for any event requiring any of the above, please Contact Matt.


Your [RCM final] recital was so special, I felt really touched and inspired, and so emotional. I never knew that the trombone could be so beautiful, and it makes me feel excited to go and practise to find some of that emotion back that I felt in your playing. Thank you so much and congratulations!

Rosie B.

Musical Theatre

Matt is a seasoned theatre musician, having played in many theatre bands of every style of show, from jazzy shows such as Top Hat and Chicago to more orchestral shows such as Oklahoma and West Side Story.


He is experienced with following click tracks as well as conductors, and has 'doubled' and 'tripled' on multiple instruments for shows, including tenor trombone, bass trombone and euphonium for one show, and bass trombone and tuba for another.

Playing for shows has taken Matt to many venues around the UK, including the Adelphi Theatre, London, and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Function Bands

Matt plays with several function and wedding bands, including the No Limit Street Band, in the video below.

Get in touch if you need a trombonist dep in your wedding band, or check out the No Limit Street Band if you need a band for your wedding/event.

Recording Sessions

Matt has a vast amount of experience in the recording studio, including:

Matt also offers a Remote Recording Studio service for high quality and fast turnaround of brass tracks, such as the trombone track in this video:

TV and Film Appearances

Matt has appeared in several TV and film productions. He can be booked to mime or play on screen.

Harry Price: Ghost Hunter

Harry Price: Ghost Hunter


This Morning

This Morning





Pay Packets Un-Bagging Challenge

Pay Packets Un-Bagging Challenge

Walkers Crisps

Ridley Scott's Napoleon

Ridley Scott's Napoleon

Miming trombone at left of image (with glue-on side burns!)

Chamber Music

Matt enjoys playing with chamber groups, such as brass quintets and trombone quartets, and has done many arrangements for these groups.


The first group Matt formed was the Norfolk Students Brass Quintet, who released their debut album. The group was made from players from all over Norfolk who have all since become professional musicians.


Before he left sixth-form, Matt created a trombone quartet in the hope that it would continue once he left. This was a good opportunity for him to create and test lots of new trombone quartet arrangements, some of which can be found in the Shop.


After moving to London, Matt was part of many new chamber groups, including brass quintets, brass dectets, trombone quartets and trombone choirs, and can help you find the perfect ensemble for your event, or dep in your chamber group.


Also check out "Multi-Matt" on Matt's YouTube channel.

Orchestras and Jazz Bands

Matt has a lot of experience playing tenor trombone, bass trombone, alto trombone and euphonium with a wide range of orchestras. These include symphony orchestras, film orchestras, classical orchestras, youth orchestras and more.

Jazz is also a big part of Matt's musical life, and he has played with several different big bands and small bands, playing both lead trombone and bass trombone.

Playing with these groups has taken Matt to venues such as The Royal Festival Hall, Cadogan Hall, St. John's Smith Square and at The Royal Norfolk Show.

Brass & Wind Bands

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