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Four Bill Watrous Trombone Solo Transcriptions


  • Body and Soul
  • Quiet Lady
  • Unforgettable
  • Here's That Rainy Day


Four Bill Watrous transcriptions for the price of two!


Also available separately.

Four Bill Watrous Trombone Solo Transcriptions

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    Four Bill Watrous Trombone Solo Transcriptions

    transcribed by Matt Smith


    Original Tracks


    Body and Soul -


    Quiet Lady -


    Unforgettable -


    Here's That Rainy Day -




    Body and Soul

    from the album “I’ll Play For You” (1980)

    This was my first Bill Watrous transcription which I did in 2015 as part of my jazz trombone module while studying at the Royal College of Music in London.

    It’s a gorgeous ballad in which Bill shows off his silky smooth playing at the beginning, virtuosic fast passages in the middle, and his distinctive high register at the end.


    Quiet Lady

    from the album Bill Watrous & the Manhattan Wildlife Refuge (1975)

    When the covid-19 pandemic hit the world in 2020, I found myself with much more spare time than usual, so decided to transcribe some more Bill Watrous solos to make a book of them, as a tribute to Bill, who sadly passed away in July 2018.

    Quiet Lady is in a bossa nova style, and regularly switches between Bill and the rest of the band, so I’ve transcribed some of the band’s lead lines for you to play along with between Bill’s phrases.



    from the album Bone-ified (1992)

    Another ballad, and another chance for Bill to display his silky smooth tone and impressive high playing.


    Here’s That Rainy Day

    from the album Coronary Trombossa! (1981)

    This is in a double-time Latin feel. Bill shows us what a true master he was at sounding completely effortless while playing these rapid lines which fly into the trombone stratosphere.


    I hope you enjoy playing these pieces as much as I enjoyed transcribing them.




    Easy - Grade 1-3
    Intermediate - Grade 4-6
    Hard - Grade 6-8
    Advanced - Grade 8+


    Contact Matt if you need a part transposing differently, and he can easily make them for you.

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